Dato' Ar Ong Boon Siong, Alex (DIMP, APAM, ALAM, ARIBA, AIPDM, ATP) graduated from UK with BA Architecture (Hons), Graduate Diploma (Hons) in the year 1985. He is the founder of OBS Architect Sdn. Bhd. in 1990. His design believes are function first followed by form. Following these believes, he had completed more than 50 high rise buildings in Malaysia, mainly residential apartments, service apartments and hostels. His award winning projects are the Sony Electronic factory in Bangi, Malaysia and the sports complex in Reading, UK.
With an over 20 years long history, OBS Architect has worked with innumerable clients, consultants and specialists, many of which have returned again and again, even until today. We have a unique working culture and collaboration is one of them, whereby we believe the best results are often generated from an ongoing dialogue. We not only maintain good working relationships with clients, consultants and specialists, we, amongst our internal team, constantly share knowledge and ideas to solve challenges or to further develop projects. On a more personal scale, we enjoy out of office activities together that include hikes, karaoke and happy hours.